Dedicated Team
Our team ensures projects are handled expertly with minimum disruption of client’s daily operations.
We have allowed our clients the peace of mind and delivered projects on-schedule and within budget.
Quality Service
Quality workmanship and attention to detail, we ensure that clients’ feel for value is created in a stress free process.
About Del Monte (T) Ltd
Civil, Building & Electrical Contractors
For over two decades Del Monte (T) Ltd has gained glowing reputation for custom tailored service in engineering, procurement and commissioning services for civil, building and electrical works. As one of the largest local contractor, we have offered integrated solutions that promise greater capital efficiency with value adding schedule certainty. We have, over the years served both public and private clients in residential, commercial and industrial sectors with diligence and professionalism. Through strategic local and international Joint Ventures, we have developed a custom project portfolio in such industries as social infrastructure development, government utility projects and production facilities.
We have allowed our clients the peace of mind and delivered projects on-schedule and within budget.
Focusing on Efficiency, Time & Quality
Honesty & Accountability
The integration of accountability with performance management processes is the foundation for our successful practice.
Trust & Integrity
Trust and Integrity are key elements in our expansion portfolio. While appreciating and accepting our diversity, we have defined effective ways for a growth-focused engagement.
Communication with Purpose
Result focused communication remains a key component to our existence. We are good listeners and commune with purpose, precisely on-time and with respect.
Interaction with suppliers
We identify creative ways to explore our full potential for the common purpose of maximizing resource usage.
Quality Without Compromise
Through constant evaluation of our service delivery and improvement of our operations, we promise excellence in performance without compromising on quality.
to Excellence

Since inception in 1995, Del Monte (T) Ltd has excelled through excellence in every step of our practice. We have blend imagination and excitement to create a premier construction firm committed to client distinct requirement. Through our quality workmanship and attention to detail, we have ensured that clients’ feel for value is created in a stress – free process.

Our on-spot communication channels have ensured clients experience the refined process of working with us.

Real-time Communication
Project lead times.
We foster professionalism and technological advancement
focusing on growth and development of human resources to ensure efficiency and continuity in quality service delivery.
Value Creation, Expertise,
Client Engagement
Client Engagement
Through innovation and real-time communication with our clients, suppliers and the community, we have maintained a consistent client engagement practice that lives beyond the projects we undertake. Our consistent communication with our clients offers a massive platform to analyze needs and requirements. We have embraced feedback and anticipated client needs for reliability to improve our operational performance and project lead times.
Safety, Health and Environment
At Del Monte (T) Ltd, safety, health and environment defines our operational signature. We design, built and commission construction projects combining valuable knowledge with pragmatism to attain safe workable solutions as well as the safety well-being of the community we work. We have evolved to become a trusted safety partner for our clients, suppliers and the government. We anticipate today’s demands and tomorrow’s solutions.
Our commitment to project continuity remains our inspiration.